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Alchemical Potions

For full potion descriptions, visit the Magic section, located under Strategy. Listed in order of desired effect and potency. Cost indicates the minimum it will cost to create the potion not taking into account failures. A bottle, black pearl and blood moss are set at 6 gp, all other reagents at 3 gp.

The Sell Colum is the price at which you can sell the potions to an NPC merchant. Since none of the potions has a return value higher than 1 a profit can only be made if you sell to other players instead of to NPCs. The 'Return' number indicates the Ratio of materials (required to produce the item) to selling-price of the particular item. In other words, the investment return, or profit-potential, of the manufactured item. All prices listed are approximates--they are subject to change due to economic conditions, etc. Skill listed is the base skill needed and does not indicate a 100% chance of success.

Potion NamerColor
Agility, GreaterBlue

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